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Deposit. Grow. Earn.

The Ark Vault functions like a high yield certificate of deposit (CD), rewarding up to 2% daily in ARKFI. ARKFI is paired with BUSD stablecoins to detach it from the rest of the crypto market and minimize the affect of macro economic volatility.

Launch Dapp

Earning a Passive Income is Easy


Connect to the Ark Vault Dapp

Purchase BUSD through our secure fiat onramp using a debit or credit card. The BUSD is sent directly to your connected Web3 wallet.


Swap BUSD and Deposit ARKFI

Convert BUSD for ARKFI tokens using Ark Swap, our native decentralized exchange (DEX). Swapping locally supports ARKFI liquidity.


Compound or Withdraw Daily ARKFI Rewards

ARKFI deposits are permanently locked in the Ark Vault, the backbone of the Ark Fi ecosystem, and earn up to 2% daily ARKFI rewards.

Ark Vault Overview

The Ark Vault is truly an organic daily ROI protocol, drawing inspiration from other projects the team respects while incorporating unique philosophies and innovations that generate a long term passive income for investors. The contract code is not a fork of another protocol and was built from the ground up with low gas fees in mind.

How To Earn ARKFI Rewards

ARKFI tokens deposited and locked in the Ark Vault are rewarded back over time through a sustainable tax system at a rate of up to 2% daily. You can earn up to 300% of your principal balance, up to 80,000 ARKFI tokens, through a combination of compounding your available rewards, depositing additional ARKFI and receiving referral rewards.

Ways To Increase Your Daily Rewards



Compound available rewards to grow the principal balance of your account, increasing the daily rewards exponentially over time.


Fresh Deposits

Make fresh deposits into your account to grow your principal balance.


Get Referrals

Earn referral rewards by sharing your referral link with others who invest into the Ark Vault

24 Hour Rewards Timer

Rewards stop being paid out after 24 hours to prevent the excessive build-up of ARKFI tokens in your account. You can compound, withdraw or airdrop available ARKFI rewards at any time which stops the timer. 100% of the available rewards must be allocated before the 24 hour timer restarts and rewards begin accruing again.

Sustainable Tax System

Instead of inflating the token supply to pay out investors, daily rewards are derived from taxes generated by account interactions with the protocol. When funds are deposited into your account or available rewards are compounded, withdrawn or airdropped, a tax is sent back to the Ark Vault where it can be used to payout investors withdrawing ARKFI from their account. The tax paid increases with the amount of ARKFI that has been paid out (whale tax).

Other Key Sustainability Features

Pump & Dump Throttling

Prevents huge swings in supply and price volatility to reduce stress on the system.

Reward Throttling

Daily rewards vary from 2% down to 0.5% based on the Compound Withdraw Ratio (CWR) and Net Deposit Value (NDV) of the account.

Dump Tax

Reduces price speculation and dumping by applying an additional 50% tax on sales of ARKFI if the wallet doesn't have an Ark Vault account.