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Meet Ark Fi

Ark Fi is the culmination of a year long journey to assembly a team of superstars in their respective crypto, business and technology fields who have a passion for helping others secure their financial future through the power of decentralized finance.


Founder & Chief Dev

Ark Team

Atlas has an extensive background in oil & derivatives trading, commodities structured trade finance, renewable energy and carbon credit offset programs. Since 2016, he has been a full-time crypto trader and private consultant for Fintech & Renewable Energy clients.

Brett Nordin

System Architect

Ark Team

Brett Nordin began his career as an engineer with an emphasis on new business development, marketing and sales for both B2C and B2B companies. Since exiting corporate life in 2008, he founded and consulted with several technology start-up companies. He began his crypto journey four years ago as a trader and investor in DeFi yield projects.


Web & Dapp Developer

Ark Team

Alex is a full-stack developer with in-depth experience in both front- and backend development. He has been a full-stack developer for multiple companies both small and big and is currently engaged with his own company. This company focusses on crypto related projects and builds high-quality websites and Dapps.


Solidity Developer

Ark Team

MrGreen is a one-of-a-kind Solidity programmer. Having studied economics, his mathematical approach results in unique smart contracts packed with efficiency. He likes cutting edge innovation challenges and found himself a home base as the full time solidity developer of ARK and the Intelligent Liquidity Controller (ILC).


Webapp Developer

Ark Team

ScryptoKing is an experienced web, (progressive) webapp and mobile developer. In 2016 he founded his own company focusing on building cutting edge SaaS applications providing high-end management information for healthcare providers in the Netherlands.

Dr Kelly Snook

Rocket Scientist

Ark Advisor

Dr Kelly Snook is a music producer, music technologist and former NASA research scientist who has been in crypto since 2016 and DeFi since 2021. She has developed calculators to help investors plan their DeFi investments. She is the owner of the Rocket Science telegram groups where people are encouraged to explore the details of how DeFi protocols work.


Solutions Architect

Ark Advisor

Eir has over a decade in crypto experience and a vast knowledge of what works in the industry. He has founded many successful DeFi and crypto projects. Eir's reputation and ability to be a "jack of all trades" has made him a highly sought after advisor in DeFi.

Rebecca Snook

Full-Stack Developer

Ark Advisor

Rebecca Snook is a full stack developer with nearly three decades of experience in industry. She has a unique combination of creative development skills and expertise in testing and QA.

Chris Dugan

Networking Specialist

Ark Advisor

Chris has been in Crypto since 2020 and recently became a full-time crypto investor and project developer since early 2022. He has been directly involved in the operations, development and marketing of several crypto projects and is a co-Founder at

Duncan "Diamond" Howard

Financial Mastermind

Ark Advisor

Diamond is a “Mastermind" when it comes to the financial modeling of DeFi products, finding a way to create beneficial investments with sustainable mechanics. He has served as both a Crypto project advisor and team member where he created several innovative products.