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Own. Earn. Grow.

Legacy NFTs are the ownership protocol of the Ark Fi ecosystem, providing immediate benefits in the Ark Vault and long term earning opportunities from Ark Fi products. An exclusive rewards pool pays Legacy NFT holders a variable dividend that is fed by platform fees and revenue streams generated by Ark Treasury investments.

Launch Dapp

A fixed supply is available for purchase with BUSD

Stake your NFT, accelerate your Ark Vault investment and earn platform rewards

Grow your ownership and rewards by upgrading to higher level NFTs

Receive higher rewards and future benefits when new Ark Fi products launch

Legacy NFT Overview


Unlock Syndicate reward levels

Once staked, a Legacy NFT will qualify your Ark Vault account for the associated syndicate reward levels.


Increase Vault account CWR

Raise your Ark Vault account Compound Withdraw Ratio (CWR) limit from 1.5 up to 13.0, speeding the growth of your principle balance while your Net Deposit Value (NDV) remains unaffected.


Exclusive NFT Rewards Pool

2% of an exclusive rewards pool is paid out every day and the amount of BUSD you'll receive is based on your % ownership of the pool.


Ark DAO Membership

Holders of Legacy NFTs gain access and voting rights in the Ark DAO, a governance organization for the ecosystem where members vote on ecosystem changes, suggest new projects and introduce investment opportunities.


Future earning potential

As DeFi products are added to the Ark Fi ecosystem, new revenue streams will be added to the NFT rewards pool wherever possible.


Daily spARK Rewards

By holding any Legacy NFT, you'll automatically qualify for the daily spARK Rewards drawing to win ARKFI tokens. Winners are drawn during the daily Ark Fi podcast.

There are three levels of NFTs
Each unlocking Higher Levels of Utility and Rewards

Ways To Increase Your NFT Ownership


Add new Ark Vault accounts

A wallet can only hold one Legacy NFT, however, there is no limit to the number of wallets that can each hold a Legacy NFT. To be eligible to receive the Legacy NFT benefits, including rewards, each NFT must be staked in an active Ark Vault account.


Upgrade an existing NFT

A Legacy NFT can be upgraded to increase all the associated benefits by trading in your current NFT and depositing additional BUSD.

Sustainable NFT Rewards Pool

Legacy NFTs are only eligible for rewards if staked by a wallet with an active Ark Vault account.

Holders of the Legacy NFT earn a variable reward, paid out in BUSD, based on their % ownership in the Legacy NFT pool:
• Up to 20% of the NFT minting cost (BUSD) goes to the NFT rewards pool where 2% is paid out every 24 hours based on the holders ownership % in the Legacy NFT pool.
• The balance of the NFT minting cost goes to the Ark Treasury where outside investments grow the size of the NFT rewards pool.
• When ARKFI is bought or sold, 1.5% of the fees go to the NFT rewards pool.

Once an Ark Vault account has reached max payout, the Legacy NFT can be transferred to a new Ark Vault account and continue receiving ecosystem rewards. In the near future, Legacy NFTs will be tradeable on a native marketplace.