The Ark Vault is Live!

Stake. Earn. Qualify.

The Ark Foundation acts like a savings account, paying a high yield in BUSD with the added utility of qualifying for Ark Vault referral reward levels and the daily spARK Rewards drawing. Foundation rewards are not created by inflation and come from a 10% tax paid on deposits and withdrawals.

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Two Ways to Start Earning


Use ARKFI Profits

Deposit ARKFI and a portion will be used to purchase BUSD and stake BOND.


Fresh Capital

Deposit BUSD and a portion will be used to purchase ARKFI and stake BOND.

Ark Foundation Overview

The Ark Foundation is a variable yield staking protocol utilizing the native ARKFI token and the stablecoin BUSD. The contract allows participants in the Ark Vault to deposit BUSD or ARKFI to create and stake the liquity pool pair, BOND (ARKFI/BUSD). Each BOND is composed of equal shares (50/50) of ARKFI and BUSD.

All BOND stakes are liquid and there is no locking period

A BUSD reward is paid instantly to stakers when an Ark Foundation deposit or withdrawal occurs

A BUSD reward is paid daily to stakers from a tax funded rewards pool

BUSD rewards can be compounded to increase your BOND stake

Your BOND value staked (USD) is used to qualify for referral reward levels in the Ark Vault

Gain entry into the daily spARK Rewards prize pool drawing

10% Deposit/Withdrawal Tax & Rewards Allocation

90% of the BOND staked is sent to the protocol owned liquidity pool to support and appreciate
the price of ARKFI while providing deep liquidity to reduce price volatility.

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Don't Sell Your ARKFI

Instead of selling ARKFI withdrawn from the Ark Vault and paying the 13% sales tax, participants can deposit ARKFI into the Ark Foundation. All BOND stakes are liquid and can be unstaked and paid out in BUSD at any time. BOND is subject to price fluctuation, however, the price will be less volatile than holding ARKFI tokens alone.

Grow Your Rewards

Increase your pool ownership by compounding available BUSD rewards (zero tax). Compounded BUSD is automatically converted into BOND and added to your stake, increasing your % ownership in the liquidity pool. If you choose to withdraw available BUSD rewards, a 10% tax is applied.